Saturday, September 22, 2007


The first 10 minutes of SuperTroopers is some damn good entertainment. Maybe juvenile, but fucking hilarious.
I had dinner last night at Sekisui with two of my best friends ever. It has been almost a year (maybe more?) since we've all been together. Growing up puts a real damper on your social life! I also got to meet Alisha's friend Krista from Dallas and her mom, Sally. Krista was highly entertaining, and aside from the complete overkill conversation on needles and eyes and how they interact, I enjoyed the evening immensely. Ah, but she tries.
Spent the majority of the week in training to master a new (really cool, powerful, versatile) piece of software that I'm going to be responsible for implementing for three different properties. Yes, I am a HUGE nerd in relation to computer-related arenas. I can't help it, I actually DO love my job!

Now for some WIP pictures for my Wheat Ear Cable Yoke sweater Knitalong ... I have the front and back pieces completed (with pictures) as well as one and a half sleeves. With any luck I'll finish the sleeves tonight, maybe getting to piecing it together tomorrow.

I hope that I actually finish would be my first grown up item that wasn't a scarf!

Next, I finished a SOCK! Yay! Big news for me since DPN's are not a favorite, and I tend to get frustrated and just rip everything back. But I got some cheap-o Red Heart self striping yarn and went for it!

Now, I just have to make the matching sock...

Next is Alisha's future husband's DNA Helix scarf (found on .

The first picture is after I had to rip it back due to a tragic chart misreading incident. I had only gotten one and half repeats of the pattern done (correctly) so it was still tiny.

These are current pictures...I have 5 repeats of the pattern done so I am halfway there. I tried (desperately) to get the horizontal line thingies in the helix to show up but it's hard as hell to do that. So I hope you can see them.

The last WIP is this random multi colored scarf with cable in the pattern, which is also painfully difficult to get a photo of.

Another cool thing on the horizon is that I might get to meet Alisha's buddy Jackie from St. Louis! Yay for road trips!

And that's my thrilling update...


Jackie said...

Holy shit girl. You are the most accomplished self-proclaimed "beginner" I have ever seen. I'm impressed.
RYN: Scott is pretty impressive. :) I'm quite proud of him, it may even show a little in my blogs, haha.
I really hope you two come to STL. We have a quite a few yarn stores, most impressively the "Yarn Barn" which is actually an entire barn. Full of yarn.

Oh yes.

anthony said...

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