Monday, September 3, 2007

Hello! and some past projects

This is my first post on blogger, and I thought I'd start by showing some of my past (and in progress) knitting items.

I've been crocheting for years but just picked up knitting from a friend about a year ago. I've kind of gone crazy yarn stash is pretty shameful for someone relatively 'new' to the craft. Maybe I'll take a few photos of it sometime...

First, this adorable baby shrug I found in Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits

It looks kind of fuzzy in the picture, but it's adorable.

Then I tried some cabling on a hat and made some matching mittens:

And finally, this Odessa hat that I found on MagKnits, I think. It was a real pain in the ass to bead everything prior to starting, and even the smallest mistake shows up on the finished product, but I love the hat! Except, I (of course) measured incorrectly and instead of it being posh winter wear item for myself, it fits my 4 year old. And he's a boy. Damn the luck.

And 0ne of my current first set of socks. Right now, a singular sock. That looks more like a boot. For someone with an enormous ankle.

Don't laugh too much. And ignore the stacks of magazines in the background. I'm a hoarder.
I also am participating in my first Knit A long...which I will post on later.


Dorothy said...

I love the blue beaded hat - it's gorgeous!

Welcome to blogging! I can't wait to read your Christmas swap questionnaire!

Jackie said...

Wow! You're quite the knitter! I'm really impressed. I'd like to cable, but I'm so damn busy doing everything else that I haven't had the chance to even try.
What's the Christmas Yarn Swap? Too late to get in on it?

Knutter said...
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